Beyond Land is a powerhouse band that thrives on energetic improvisation, adding their own grooves to renowned pop and rock covers from the ’90s and Beyond.

The band formed in June 2016 after the guitarist & singer Felipe SM Wolfe, joined up with rhythm & lead guitarist Alex Shroeder, and bassist Brett Selinger, who have jammed together since 2010. 

After many jam sessions at home and open mics, as well as a few line-up changes, a strong foundation was established. The band recruited the raw talent of Parker Stephenson to play the drums in November 2017. 

Now Beyond Land Focuses the energy from their jam sessions into their music to connect with the people. The self-described “Funky Fresh” style of Beyond Land combines rock, pop, funk, and latin music to create an experience that will take people away from their seats, and on to the dance floor.

Beyond Land features a hip selection of classic covers to sing along to in addition to the growing repertoire of original compositions. 

You can find them headlining local establishments in the Metro Vancouver area. 

Check for upcoming events and let Beyond Land lead you through a vibrant night of dance and good times which will set the perfect atmosphere for a fun night out.